Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Our last buddy session

Our last buddy session

Today was the last day with our buddies before we move into grade six. We won't be seeing them next year so today, we made Picasso with our buddies and it was supposed to be a nice farewell. i found my buddy very bossy and it wasn't very pleasant to listen to her demand things and disagree with things. After we made our Picasso, we went out to the playground to have fun and relax from all of this hard work and bossiness but she made me push her on the swings. I tried to deal with how tired I was and realized that I haven't cleaned the table. I asked Ashley to help but she didn't so I eventually gave up and said to myself that I am only with her for 3 more minutes. That's it. We found something to do in those 3 minutes and then she pulled me all the way to her class to say goodbye to her.

I found this day very stressful but I also learned something about it. I learned that different people act the different ways with different personalities and I just have to be tolerant. I have also learned that you still have to be firm with people if you are supposed to even if they are little kids.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Now that PYPX is Over

Now that PYPX is over, I feel happy. I feel happy because now that I'm done with the research, I know a lot more and I don't need to remember things to bring, things to say and things to do anymore. I am also happy that I don't have to keep repeating what to say to the parents and the guests from other schools anymore. I was feeling very annoyed during presentation time because of how many times we had to repeat the same information to different people. I was also tired of standing up the whole time when it was past my bedtime. (my bedtime is at 7:30).

My group is continuing to refuse animal made products. We refuse products that are made by animal skin, decoration made by animal, clothes made by animal and medicine made by animal that could be made by other things. We will continue to spread awareness that killing animals for inappropriate use is bad and to imagine if the people got killed for decoration, clothes, medicine or jewelry. We will also continue to love animals just the way they are.

I appreciate the help that my group gave me for exhibition. I appreciate how they researched a lot but I appreciated it more when Alice helped when I needed it. Alice and I made a great team in helping each other out and doing all the work and Hai Phong did almost nothing. I still appreciated what he did do though. I also appreciate all the people that came to our booth and listened to what we had to say and all the information we had looked up. We appreciate that because if they didn't listen, it would have been a waste of time researching and writing down everything to say, do and remember.

G4 market day

G4 market day was when all of the grade 4s sold something because their unit was about money. There were many things to buy like, foods, drinks, games and many other things. My favorite was when I bought a slushy. But what I didn't like about was that they used plastic cups and then threw the cups away. They also used plastic straws but I didn't take one. My least favorite was throwing the sponge. This group cheated and I wasted 20.000VND. The person that I was supposed to be throwing sponges on was dodging the sponge even though he wasn't supposed to. All they gave me was a piece of paper saying "Aqua Splash" on it.

My feelings were disappointed and angry.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


AVAILLL means Audio Visual Achievement in Literacy, Language and Learning.

My french exhibition reflection

My central idea in French is " Gens partout devoir proteger les animaux ". My SDG in French is Consommation et production responsible. The key words in French for PYPX are Animaux, Chasse, Cruate, Rhino, Pangolin, ours et tirer. The slogan I created was  "Tirer avec les cameras plutot des armes". It means "Shoot with cameras instead of using guns". I can list the key words from the French videos that Mr. Christophe showed us.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Yesterday, I showed my buddy, Ashley, my mandala. She tried to find my name and she finally found it. After that, Both of us made a mandala of Ashley's name. I did the writing and tracing but she did the color picking and the coloring. We weren't quite finished at the end of the lesson but she finished it at her class.

I fell very wrong with my buddy because she is very bossy. She tells me to do things and then says, "what are you doing?". I guess she just likes being bossy. We really liked making mandalas together though.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018